Plants - sentient beings and powerful teachers

Plants have been my guides for as long as I can remember. I thank my late Mamma for this. She was a gifted healer and Mother Nature was her guide. She taught me that Nature is good. When I fall ill, when I feel weak, when I am tired I turn to plants before I turn to people for support and healing. Always have. Always will.

In our current mainstream paradigms we view plants in a reductionist way however. We break down a plant's parts into phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, fats and sugars. We see plants only at the surface level. We are so attached and focused on evaluating their therapeutic properties and enjoying their body that we overlook the energetic essence of who they ​ACTUALLY​ TRULY are.

Plants are far more than just the sum total of their parts. They offer more than just nutritional support.

Each plant is a unique medicine, a spirit. Yes, I am suggesting that plants are sentient, intelligent, spiritual beings. They have a message. They are so wise.

For years now cacao has been a source of stability and strength in my daily life. I fell in love with this tree when I went to rehab in August 2015. I wanted to use the power of plants to rebuild and recover myself. The years of alcohol and substance abuse took its toll on my health and I knew I could rewire my entire being with a holistic recovery treatment program. Cacao and other plants have been my helpers. Years later, with much support, dedication, a few speed bumps and commitment I’m a little mind, body and soul.

Since those early days of my sobriety cacao and I have deepened our relationship. It’s been a beautiful love affair.

I drink cacao daily because it opens my heart and connects me to the presence of love. My life feels brighter and lighter. Cacao has anchored me into an inner reliance, an inner strength. I feel rooted in my own authentic truth more than ever, thanks to this plant. It keeps my mental and emotional health well - more stable.

This medicine has helped me heal in ways I never thought possible. It’s opened me up to my creative potential. It’s connected me to my community with compassion and kindness.

It’s so good to see this ancient plant touch the hearts of people across the globe today. Cacao brings love. Cacao brings abundance. Cacao brings life!

In service to plants and their spiritual significance always...

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