Ethically Sourced Organic Cacao

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, ethically-sourced cacao. Every step of the process is designed to respect all of the people along the way, as well as supporting the health of our planet. 

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Origins Of Cacao

Cacao is a crop that was first cultivated by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans in South America, and is the foundation for what we now call chocolate. The idea of chocolate originates from a bitter beverage made with cacao, that was shared during sacred ceremonies. The cacao bean was so significant to the indigenous South American cultures that it was used as a currency in trade, given to warriors as a post battle reward, and served at royal feasts.

An Unfortunate Truth

When the Spanish colonists discovered the value of the local cacao crop in the 1500s, much of the wisdom, culture, and spiritual practice connected to cacao was lost. As time went on, rainforests where cacao was grown became resources for business, and cacao became one of many rainforest products extracted for the benefit of the colonisers. Today, cacao is a colonised multi billion dollar global industry and is rife with unfair labour practices, as large chocolate companies prioritise profit over ethics and quality. Collateral damage to this over-consumption includes environmental degradation, widespread deforestation, species extinction, and fractured food systems. To this day, cacao is still grown in the context of an extractive capitalist system, and the ancestral wisdom of cacao is largely disregarded.

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How Can We Change This?

We as individuals must acknowledge and grieve the colonisation of cacao. We must understand where our cacao comes from, and the implications of that sourcing. As we become more mindful of this, we will encourage a reconciliation process to restore the respect that has been lost to the colonising mechanisms of supremacy and capitalism. This is how the individual can make a change to the system. We can support ethical change by purchasing directly from small cacao farmers and eliminate the need for brokers. This means paying cacao prices far higher than the industry average. This helps to redistribute profits equally and fairly among local communities. An even further step is to honour and treat cacao as a sacred plant, as it was done in pre-colonial times. This is something that can be done on an individual level, by forming a relationship with cacao in a ceremonial way, as opposed to eating chocolate.

Environmental Regeneration

To support our environment, we must support regenerative farming practices. Cacao grown under the shade of other crops is a far more sustainable option, promoting biodiversity, improving soil fertility, and providing a healthy habitat for plants, animals, birds and insects. Shade-grown cacao also draws carbon out of the atmosphere and stores it in soil, branches and roots, sequestering about 60% of carbon surrounding the native forest. This is opposed to monoculture cacao farms which sequesters only about 30% carbon. As an addition to other regenerative farming methods and practices around the world, shade-grown cacao has a strong part to play in reversing the effects of climate change.

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Premium Organic Cacao Powder - 500g.
Premium Organic Cacao Powder - 500g.
Premium Organic Cacao Powder - 500g.
Premium Organic Cacao Powder - 500g.
Premium Organic Cacao Powder - 500g.

Premium Organic Cacao Powder - 500g.

Mamamuti pure organic cacao powder is a little different from the cacao buttons. The natural cacao butter has partially been removed. In other words, the powder is a lower fat cacao. It is incredibly rich in nutrients, and is a much healthier alternative to processed cocoa powder. In fact, the antioxidant levels in the cacao powder are more concentrated than in the cacao buttons. Unlike the cacao buttons which need to be melted, the pure cacao powder does not require heat and is ideally used in smoothies, breakfast bowls, milkshakes, bliss balls and raw desserts.  

Why is this cacao so special? 
Each spoon of Mamamuti’s pure cacao powder lovingly connects you directly to the farmers and communities in the cacao growing region of Central Peru. This premium cacao has a delicious, smooth, chocolate flavour and is tended to in areas where, for years, there were issues with the cocaine cartel, farmer exploitation and extreme poverty. Growing these illegal crops was the only option these cacao farmers had. Thankfully these rich, fertile lands have now been rescued and the farmers have returned to their thousand year old tradition of cultivating some of the worlds best cacao. This shade-grown Central Amazonian cacao promotes biodiversity and improves soil fertility. 
Your purchase helps to create a sustainable and socially just cacao future. 


Why you should drink cacao daily

One of the highest sources of antioxidants on the planet. It's in cacao's very nature to protect you from harm 

Strong plant based source of iron

Rich in magnesium, supporting the health of the heart, brain, womb and central nervous system

More calcium than cow's milk

Gentle heart activating energy from theobromine (unlike caffeine which is a brain stimulant) 

Natural mood elevator and antidepressant 

High in feel good neuro-modulators and PEA (the love molecule)

Stabilises blood sugar levels and regulates appetite (good source of fibre)

Increases focus, awareness and creativity 

Supports liver detoxification


Ingredients - 100% Pure Premium Cacao Powder


  • Certified Organic
  • Ethically sourced, direct from a small Peruvian farming co-op (no brokers)
  • Vegan
  • No sugar, dairy or gluten
  • Sustainable agroforestry in Central Peruvian Amazon
  • Shade-grown
  • Tested for heavy metals
  • Rich & creamy chocolate taste


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