A Hands On Day with Cacao - Raglan, 18 June 2023


This is not a ceremony or a 'holding hands in a circle' kind of cacao experience. This is a day that is open to anyone who is curious to learn more about cacao. If you're a Mum, Dad, foodie, home chef, someone who is into wellness and honestly sourced food, then allow yourself to step into an inclusive and welcoming space filled with cacao awe and wonder...you'll be eating and drinking so much chocolate deliciousness while you learn how cacao can change your life!

Mamamuti’s intention is to fill your belly and heart with the joy of cacao so that you can feel comfortable and more confident to use and share it in your every day life.

We will journey deep into the heart of cacao. You will connect with its origin story, discover its many uses and how it can support you on a physical, emotional and, without getting too woo-woo, spiritual level. No stone will be left unturned - you will truly meet the depth and expansiveness of this ancient super fruit and understand why it’s known as the ultimate food of love and pleasure.

A few highlights of your day

  • Roast/peel cacao beans and make your own nibs, tea and paste.
  • Enjoy a variety of tasty treats, including cacao fudge, cacao brownie, cacao tea and Mamamuti’s signature cacao brew.
  • Get to know the difference between cacao nibs, cacao paste, cacao powder, cacao tea and cacao butter - each has its own unique health benefits.
  • Receive medicinal cacao recipes to support your hormonal, adrenal, gut and mental health. 
  • Learn how to make the creamiest and smoothest cacao brew EVA - and what not to do when preparing your cuppa.
  • Ceremonial cacao - is it healing or harming & how to step forward into the next era of cacao with even more integrity and authenticity.
  • Blind taste a global selection of different cacao’s - your intuition will lead you to your personal favourite cacao - this might surprise you!
  • Discover how cacao can be used on your body as part of your daily skin care routine. We’re talking about divine face masks and DIY balms for glowing, radiant and nourished skin.
  • Get to know New Zealand’s top ethical chocolate brands so that you can use your conscious consumer power for good and support a worthy cause.

Please wear comfy clothes, make sure you are well hydrated, bring your own writing pad, pen, bolster or cushion, water bottle and an open curious heart.

Space is limited so don’t delay securing your ticket. 

Date: 18 June 2023

Time: 10:00am - 14:00pm 

Location: Raglan Sunset Motel, Bankart Street, Raglan

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