Mother's Day Gift - Limited Edition Offer, Option 1

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Mamamuti and Mead Ceramics wish to celebrate ALL women this Mother’s Day with this special limited edition gift offer - one lovingly crafted mug by Mead Ceramics and a jar of decadent Mamamuti Ceremonial Grade Cacao Buttons. A mindful gift that will keep on giving long after the day has passed.

Sometimes it’s a simple and open conversation over a hot cup of cacao that goes a long way in creating and sustaining the relationships that every human desires. We’d love to help you create a moment of loving connection with this unique collaborative offer.


Why cacao?

Cacao brings us together. She has a way of captivating our hearts, with the warmth of her liquid love. A ‘hug in a cup’ as some of our people say. She keeps us centred and living in alignment with what we truly care about. Working with cacao also guides us to reflect on and remember our beauty and strength. And most importantly to celebrate life no matter where we are on our journey. Preparing and sharing a cacao together often helps to open deeper conversations that we otherwise wouldn't have. 

This Mother’s Day, Mamamuti and Mead Ceramics would love to hold you, in a gentle and nourishing way. A moment of consciousness expressed. Connection through touch with an evocative object. 



Orders for option 1 close Sunday evening 2 May 2021. To ensure you receive your gift in time for Mother's Day your order will be dispatched no later than Monday 3 May 2021. 


About Melissa Mead 

 Melissa creates her ceramics in moment to moment connection with earthly materials of clay, in a desire to uplift and enrich your sacred daily moments.  Melissa began her journey in Texas, USA, travelled to the UK then South Africa where she began her family and her journey with clay. Settling in New Zealand, she is now creating forms of colour, texture and space. She strives to create vessels of companionship and memories for your daily moments.