Thé Chocolate & Cacao 2-Day Retreat, New Plymouth

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New Plymouth, we’re calling all women who have a lot going on! This 2-day non-residential retreat has been inspired by you. We know how the pressures of being a woman in today’s world can be demanding & exhausting. We get how lonely and overwhelming life can feel when you’re trying to hold everything together by yourself. So many of us desire a bit of time to ourselves. We also know, firsthand, how chocolate and cacao can nourish and enhance your everyday life.

We'd love for you to join us for two very delicious days at the magical Sanctuary Hill Retreat. Step out of your busyness, pause and be taken on a sumptuous journey. Allow the true essence of chocolate and cacao to enrich your inner being, touch your heart and fill your cup.

Our intention is to facilitate reconnection to your own joy, pleasure, delight, creativity, inspiration and intuitive knowing by using chocolate and cacao as tangible vessels along the way. And we want to capture the age old wisdom of women coming together. This weekend is about giving you some time to be with yourself and empowering you with knowledge in the most delectable way, so that you feel supported and held long after the weekend has ended.  


This is a very unique guided experience that will deepen your connection with chocolate & cacao. 


During this weekend you will:

Be held in a welcoming, nurturing, playful and beautiful space 

Be guided on a delightful journey that will take you deep into all of your senses

Have nourishing tea breaks, wholesome delicious chocolate treats, cacao inspired snacks and a plant based lunch using cacao of course!

Have time to explore and get to know cacao & chocolate - you'll roast, peel, grind & temper your own beans

Create and deepen a personal practice with cacao

Learn the nutritional, neurochemical and spiritual benefits of cacao 

Understand how chocolate is made and the difference between cacao and industrial chocolate

Be introduced to the history of ritual cacao use

Receive ceremonial 'secrets' from experienced facilitators 

Understand the principals behind holding sacred, safe space and facilitating groups (if this is something that is calling you)

Discover that personal practice is foundational to sharing cacao with integrity 

Have reflection, rest and sharing time

Receive practical tips on how your daily life can be so much more fulfilling with cacao!

Enjoy a cacao ceremony that will take you even deeper into the heart of healing

Receive a restorative and relaxing sound bath that will bliss out your entire being

Celebrate with ecstatic movement, singing and collective connection so that you can end the weekend on a body, heart and mental high!



What other's are saying about this retreat...

'I found this retreat to be so nourishing! Irma and Oonagh are so genuine and passionate about what they do, and I learned a lot more than I expected to about cacao and it’s sacredness. Their values and the space they hold pulls in beautiful souls and it felt like every element of the day was intentionally designed to fill our cups and fill us with joy.' Nina - Auckland


'I had such a wonderful day. I feel more deeply connected with myself, more confident, more calm. I feel restored and reminded that us women are amazing with our intuition and our caring, nurturing ways. I need more of this in my life!'
Rachel - Auckland 



Your facilitators


Oonagh Browne

Oonagh has spent the last 15 years as a Master Chocolatier in New Zealand, an unorthodox move from the Corporate world she left in London in her late 20’s. She has created many award winning chocolates, but now her life is devoted to being a true voice for the ancient ingredient Cacao, that makes chocolate, and bringing this into the mainstream as an every day food, for support and positivity. Her work in Samoa, Solomon Islands, Peru and more countries to come is with the endeavour to reverse the damaging effect of global demand for chocolate on Cacao farmers and enrich their lives in their own use of the ingredient in their villages. Oonagh openly shares how she used Cacao to heal from a difficult time of depression after the Christchurch Earthquakes and is a powerful advocate for the power of Cacao in Mental Wellness and how to work with Cacao to reduce mood swings, anxiety, and depression. It was during this time that Oonagh discovered that she is a Cacao Whisperer and understands the language of the Cacao trees and their message for these times. In a retreat space, Oonagh magically and abundantly weaves her vast knowledge of cacao and chocolate into a journey that takes one out of the mind and into the senses, heart and inner quietness. As a facilitator, Oonagh is passionate, humorous, wise, compassionate and with the support of cacao, deeply nourishes all those in her presence. It is her life's work to communicate, educate, share connect and be a true voice for the amazing ingredient Cacao whether it be in the jungles of Peru, in a corporate board room or on an amazing Cacao retreat.



Irma Schutte

Irma is a clinical homeopath, sound healer, teacher and founder of Mamamuti. She has been working with evidence-based natural medicine since 1999, and has a special interest in holistic mental health and addiction recovery methods. Irma openly speaks about her personal journey with addiction and how plant medicine has supported her in her recovery. She is committed to sharing this knowledge. Cacao, to her, is one of the gentlest, yet most powerful plants that can support us in our healing from trauma, shock and loss. She explores and explains the depth of cacao’s medicine during her workshops and retreats. As a group facilitator she holds a trauma-informed space. Her devotion to understand and uphold the traditional, spiritual and cultural significance of ancient plant medicine has taken her across the globe. Irma has been working with cacao as a plant guide since 2015 and has been facilitating cacao gatherings and ceremonies across Aotearoa since 2018. Her passion and love for cacao is tangible and infectious.



Dates: 28 & 29 August 2021

Time: Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm. Sunday, 10:00am-3:00pm

Venue: Sanctuary Hill Yoga Retreat, 109 Veale Road, New Plymouth



Early Bird Price:

$290 (available until 15 July 2021)

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What to bring:

Yoga Mat



Journal and pen

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring warm layers in case you want to get extra cozy during the cacao & sound ceremony. Your comfort is key!


Please Note: 

Space is limited

Bookings essential 

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable