Papua New Guinea Cacao Powder - 500g


Notes of caramel, butterscotch, spice and raisin. Makes you feel relaxed, calm and soothed. Per serve this Papua New Guinea powder is twice as high in iron and two and a half times as high in magnesium in comparison to Mamamuti’s Peruvian cacao powder. All bags are fully home compostable. 


The beans journey from the PNG farming communities immediately upon completion of fermenting and sun drying to the locally owned Queen Emma factory in Port Moresby. Within 60 days the beans are then batch roasted to 122 degrees, cracked, winnowed, ground into a paste and whilst still warm, pressed so that the butter separates from the powder. However, 20% of the cacao butter is left in the powder to retain its natural healing properties. The higher fat content of this cacao powder is what makes it distinctive and deliciously creamy, whilst being more nourishing. This process is done within one factory, providing local employment to the community in Port Moresby, PNG.


100% pure, organically grown, PNG cacao powder.

Nutritional Information


Add 1-2 teaspoons to hot water & your favourite milk, sweetener and/or spices. Stir extra well to ensure a creamy brew. Also great in desserts, baking, milkshakes or smoothies. 


Grown, produced in Papua New Guinea. Packaged in New Zealand. 


Mamamuti’s supplier The Cacao Ambassador (TCA) has formed close ties to the cacao farming communities in Papua New Guinea who produce this unique and tasty cacao powder. TCA is working with them directly, ensuring they have a growing connection to cacao, are learning to consume it daily and build a local market for their own cacao. Central to this ethos is that they are paid fairly, operate independently of the world stock market, and have security and honour in being cacao growers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Iris Tomaš

My sister bought me a pack for my birthday and I’m sold, the cacao is so smooth and beautiful. Such a treat!

Charlotte Terewi
Smoothie Magic

I now have this in my smoothie and the texture and taste is perfect. Very smooth and not overpowering like other cacao I’ve had. A permanent fixture now in my smoothie rotation!

Justine Coventry

Love it!

Esme Anna
Love this Product

We usually get the other cacao but tried this one for the first time. It is yummy and creamy. We love that it is ethically sourced as well.

Gaylene Kay
Papua New Guinea Powder

There is nothing like whipping up a warm cup of nut milk and adding this delicious Cacao powder. Froths up beautifully... Bellissimo

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