Mamamuti is on a mission to demystify the past, present and future narrative of cacao.

These popular gatherings are not ceremonies or 'holding hands in a circle' events. They are uniquely curated hands on experiences that cater to seasoned and newbie cacao users.

It’s self care with a tasty twist!

If you enjoy diving deep into subject matters, fancy yourself a bit of an ethical foodie and feel lit up by being a more conscious consumer, then Mamamuti gatherings will speak to your heart. You will explore cacao's origin story and discover new ways to use it so that you, your family and friends can experience its living giving benefits.

A Mamamuti event will arouse your whole being and tune you into the frequency of love.


Inner child's dream come true

'The cacao play day was my inner child's dream come true - spending all day circled with amazing women bathing in Irma's warmth and wisdom, tasting cacao in every form possible (including the most delicious cacao baking of my life) with so much authentic sharing, love and laughter, learning more about the origins and the industry, how to ask the right questions so I can feel in alignment when purchasing both cacao and chocolate and breaking through all the stigmas of doing things right or wrong with this sacred plant. I reached a whole new level of deep connection with the spirit of cacao and that is going to ripple forward and change my timeline to that is more heart-centred and full of pleasure! So grateful to Irma for her passion, authenticity and love - she is such an inspiring and heart-centred wahine doing incredible mahi.’ - Emily, Auckland 

I so so so loved the whole day. So much deliciousness, creativity, fun, wisdom sharing and eating food created with love. How can you top a day like this?’

- Lesley, Auckland


An experience unlike any other!

"A Mamamuti Cacao Play Class is an experience unlike any other!  Aside from the immeasurable amounts of laughter & joy we shared, we expanded our knowledge & gained a whole new perspective on cacao as a commodity & as a superfood for healing & overall enjoyment. From its rich history, cultural impact, how it’s processed, & the infinite ways in which it can be used, my respect & awareness for cacao has grown, as has my use of it now that I am incorporating it more into my everyday life." - Maryam, Auckland

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Absolutely gifted

"What a delight to meet and connect with Mamamuti - her aura and energy shine with her belief in the ethical fairness of the products she showcases - she knows that what she has to offer is absolutely magical and transformative. Since the class I’ve been making the vegan fudge, cacao every night and little truffles of deliciousness - gone are the days of mass consumption of generic “chocolate “ I can’t even believe it’s allowed to be called chocolate, so alien is it to the rich full flavour achieved with Mamamuti's Solomon Islands Yin Cocao paste with Vanilla - don’t miss your opportunity to try it for yourself" - Clair, Taranaki

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