“As a child I was surrounded by nature. I grew up in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. I had a wise, kind & generous Mamma who taught me so much about the interconnectedness of this planet. She was a gifted healer and dedicated her life to be of service, using plant medicines. My Mamma also had a close relationship with the Zulu people. She had enormous respect for the local indigenous community. In a country divided by Apartheid at the time, my Mamma taught me the value of equality.

Following in my Mamma’s footsteps, I too became a practitioner. Over the last 20 years I have been specialising in homeopathy, fresh plant extracts, trauma release, holistic mental health and addiction recovery. I light up in that place where good science, nature and spirit meet.

In 2007 I moved to New Zealand. Currently, I call the beautiful beachside community of Raglan my home, but Africa still lives in my heart.

Like you, I’ve been on my own healing journey. In 2015 I hit rock bottom and booked myself into rehab for alcohol dependance. Holistic based treatments have helped me to rebuild my body, rewire my mind and open my heart since I entered recovery. Plants have always been a constant force in my life. I think I am more comfortable turning to plants for guidance and support than I am asking humans for help!

My whole intent behind Mamamuti is to help you reconnect to the heart of healing - the power of plants - so that you can grow stronger in whatever you are currently recovering from and become more of who you TRULY are.


What’s in a name?

Mamamuti honours my heritage and my values. It means everything to me. ‘MAMA’ represents our Earth Mother and the healing feminine forces of nature. ‘MAMA’ also pays homage to my own Mamma who taught me so much. ‘MUTI’ means medicine in Zulu. Mamamuti literally means Earth Medicine.

May Mamamuti be a tangible vessel for healing in your life. May it reconnect you to the heart of plant medicine.

In service to you always."

Irma Schutte

Practitioner & founder of Mamamuti.