Each cup of Mamamuti cacao lovingly connects you directly to the farmers and communities in the cacao growing region of Northern Peru. This cacao is produced in areas where, for years, there were issues with the cocaine industry, farmer exploitation and extreme poverty. Growing these illegal crops was the only option these cacao farmers had. Thankfully these rich, fertile lands have now been rescued and the farmers have returned to their thousand year old tradition of cultivating some of the worlds best cacao. This special heart opening strain of organic Central Amazonian ‘criollo’ cacao promotes biodiversity and improves soil fertility. Good for Mother Earth, good for the communities, good for you. Your purchase helps to create a sustainable and socially just cacao future.

Mamamuti cacao is also batch tested for traces of toxic heavy metals, like cadmium and lead. This is an incredibly important issue. When one ingests a plant for therapeutic purposes, it defeats the purpose if the plant is contaminated with toxic ingredients. New Zealand importers are currently not obligated by law to test their cacao for heavy metals.

Mamamuti cacao is not only ethical and honest, it is also safe. 

We thank you for being a conscious and responsible consumer.

Founder of Mamamuti's personal connection with cacao

"Cacao is so much more than just a rich and creamy chocolatey drink! I’ve been using this ancient Peruvian plant therapeutically since 2015. At the time I was in rehab for alcohol dependance. Depressed, anxious & suicidal, I hit rock bottom. Something inside of me had a burning desire to heal though. That something helped me to rebuild my life.

I wanted a recovery that reflected who I was as an individual - and that didn't exist. So I created what I needed - recovery as I would have it.

I decided to draw on my background in natural medicine and create my own holistic recovery program. I combined talk therapy, meditation and somatic trauma release work with the power of plants and homeopathy to restore and rewire my mind, heart and body. And it worked. 

There truly are many liberating & convention challenging ways to recover from addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and fatigue. 

Why cacao?

In my research about cacao I quickly realised that it held enormous potential to heal my life. Together with other plants, I started using cacao multiple times every day. I could feel my heart open. I could feel my body let go of pain and trauma. There is no doubt in my mind that cacao has helped me to reconnect with my body, my family, my community, Mother Earth, my divine purpose and my Highest Self. Cacao has been, and still is, one of my daily wellness staples. It stabilises my mood, strengthens my body, relaxes me, opens my heart, warms my womb and anchors me into a powerful creative space. I love this tree and Peru so much and my relationship with both is a deep and intimate one.

I’ve been recommending cacao to my clients for years now and I share the beauty of cacao in workshops and ceremonies across New Zealand.

I am so grateful for this plant’s presence in my life.

No matter your health history, I invite you to start using Mamamuti cacao with a renewed sense of mindful intent, especially if you are seeking more meaningful connection in your life.

Cacao is a powerful plant and it wants to infuse your world with more love!"


Practitioner & Founder Mamamuti


Benefits of drinking Mamamuti Cacao

When you consume Mamamuti Cacao the mood enhancing neurochemicals found in this ancient plant medicine ignite, signalling your nervous system to:

  • Increase blood flow and nutrition to your brain, heart and skin
  • Nourish your whole body
  • Heighten your awareness and focus
  • Intensify your sensations and high vibrational emotions
  • Drinking this age old “food from the Gods” deepens your meditations, opens your heart and allows you to sit with your stories and identify any areas that are still causing you pain or limitation. When you find yourself in this beautiful safe space you can relax deeply, receive insights, release trauma, connect with your highest self and allow inspiration and divine guidance to flow through you.
  • Cacao is also naturally high in magnesium, iron and B-complex vitamins—which gives it a number of physical benefits.
  • Another compound found in cacao is anandamide. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that binds to the THC receptors. It’s been called the “bliss molecule,” aptly named after ananda, the Sanskrit word for “joy, bliss, or happiness.” It is considered an endocannabinoid — a substance produced in the body that binds to cannabinoid receptors. Anandamide has been found to do a lot more than produce a state of heightened happiness. It’s synthesised in areas of the brain that are important in memory, motivation, higher thought processes, and movement control. It plays an important role in pain, appetite, and fertility. It also helps put the brakes on cancer cell proliferation. By increasing neurogenesis — the formation of new nerve cells — anandamide exhibits both anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Anandamide, like all neurotransmitters, is fragile and breaks down quickly in the body which is why it doesn’t produce a perpetual state of bliss. Cacao is thought to contain both anandamide and compounds (N-acylethanolamines) that slow its breakdown. This gives you a net gain of anandamide which leaves you feeling temporarily happier after drinking cacao.
  • Cacao also contains tyrosine. Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine, which fuels the body's pleasure/reward system.

You + Cacao = Joy!

Cacao - which carries a feminine essence - can help you see that life is
meant to be enjoyed. When you allow yourself to fully surrender to her power,
and step into a higher state of awareness, you remember that nothing here
on earth is permanent, and all of life is simply a game to be enjoyed right
here, right now.

Learning how to open your heart is probably the most important thing you can
do as a human being. It connects you to your truth, gives you courage to be
vulnerable, and encourages you to embrace your imperfections.
The more you practise getting out of your mind, dropping into your heart and
connecting to love, the more you can make more loving and conscious
decisions for yourself, your community, this planet and the greater good.

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