Feminine Wāhine Cacao Blend - 950g


A Pacific Island Cacao blend like no other - it celebrates and supports the inner beauty and journey of Maiden, Mother and Crone. It’s wild, powerful, delicious and utterly sensuous.

Infused with pūriri, rose, vanilla bean & raspberry leaf and sprinkled with raspberry it will leave your whole womanly being feeling held, restored and nourished.

The conscious fusion of heart flavours & plant medicine is amplified by the stone ground Solomon Islands Cacao nibs. This divine bespoke blend supports the feminine cycle, hormones, spirit and vision.

Notes of vanilla, raspberry & rich dark chocolate. Makes you feel whole, balanced and cared for.

A beautiful collaboration between Mamamuti, The Cacao Ambassador and Chelita Zainey. 


Customer Reviews

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Diane Davies
Feminine Wow-hine

This arrives in a big beautiful block studded with colourful flowers and fruits - a feast for the eyes, tummy and soul. The raspberry gives it a little tart kick that I like. Feels like I am nourishing my womb and general womanly bits with every sip. Lovely.

Grace Redgrave
A ritual for motherhood

I keep telling everyone this stuff is changing my life! After a few years trying to kick coffee on and off I’ve now found the PERFECT drink. I’m wobbling my way through new motherhood with two littles but this cacao is my reclamation of ritual in my day to day. Stirring in the pot sending my prayers into that buttery goodness, cheerishing each sip as I get my face into a sunbeam, I even found the perfect oracle deck to pull a card each day as I drink. I literally feel my heart expanding. This stuff serves everyone who drinks it! Going through a block every four weeks pwoar it’s so good.

Margaret Brewster

I’m very happy to be able to support your business. We enjoy the product and also your Solomon Islands outreach.

Goddess blend!

This is the most divine cacao ever! It will invoke the goddess in you and make you feel connected to source. I loved the raspberry nibs too. Every sip is an indulgent and worthy treat! x

Amy Hopper
Soft gentle blend

Beautiful blend that I started using at the beginning of my cycle. Felt so warmed and held from this cup.
I'm not a fan of the raspberry seeds so I strained mine before drinking up :)

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