Mamamuti Cacao Cards


This beautiful Mamamuti Inti Intention Cacao card deck has been crafted with love and intention to celebrate you and your connection with Mama Cacao. 

Deepen your personal daily cacao ritual or share with your cacao circle/gatherings! 

This is a dream collaboration come true with Inti Intention who is based in Mount Maunganui. 

Inti is the Incan god of sun and rainbows. The word is derived from the Indio ancient Peruvian language Quechua. 

The purpose of this deck is to give you an intention or mantra to connect with throughout your day. 

To choose your card, shuffle the deck then hold it against your heart while you ask ‘Mama Cacao, what is the mantra that will serve me most today?’. Then spread the cards in an arch in front of you and choose a card. 

The cards are pocket-sized and in a vegan leather pouch so you can take them with you about your day.

Mamamuti supports small local businesses and female driven creative enterprises.

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