Solomon Islands Cacao Nibs - 250g


Crunchy chocolate goodness! Mamamuti pure cacao nibs are respectfully crafted by hand by a small group of women cacao farmers in the Solomon Islands.  All bags are fully home compostable. 


These nibs are the small pieces of crushed whole cacao beans and are among the least processed cacao products on the market. Each batch is gently roasted, hand cracked and shelled by a small winnower. Unlike industrially processed nibs these artisanal nibs are uniquely inconsistent in size. They are highly nutritious providing an impressive amount of protein, fibre, healthy fats, minerals and plant compounds like flavonoids. The flavour is fruity/floral, slightly bitter with loads of crunch! Our packaging is fully compostable to minimise waste.


100% Pure Cacao Nibs

Nutritional Information


Add to your fruit salads, smoothies, trail mix, granola, muesli, baking, desserts or sprinkle on top of your hot cacao brew. Nibs can also be used as a savoury ingredient. Add to green herby salads, scrambled eggs, roasted vegetables or seafood/fish. Click here for delicious nib recipes!


Cacao origin - Solomon Islands 
Hand crafted by - Cathliro
All ingredients sourced by - The Cacao Ambassador NZ


Mamamuti, with the help of The Cacao Ambassador, sources this cacao from small cacao farming communities in the Solomon Islands. Your support has a huge impact on these growers, their families and communities. We trade directly, eliminating the need for brokers, which means the farmers have a voice and receive so much more for their labour, skills and service. With your support we can ensure a more equal exchange in monetary abundance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Delicious, best ever nibs

I love these cacao nibs - I have them every morning on my porridge with yogurt. I'm looking forward to trying them with other things.

Alot of joy in a little nib

Where have these been all my life. They’re just the best thing since sliced bread. I originally brought to add on top of my breakfast cereal but then hubby found my stash and that was it. He was hooked too. Great addition to cereal, just takes it to the next level. Highly recommend. Like all other Mamamuti products, exceptional quality in these wee pockets of gems.

Diane Davies
Cacao Nibs

Mamamuti's nibs are nice and juicy. Some of the ones on the market can feel dry and gritty, these ones feel nice and buttery. Great on porridge.

Most delicious cacao nibs I’ve ever had

These are THE most delicious cacao nibs I’ve ever had! I’ve been adding nibs to my breakfast cereal and porridge for 10+ years and these are by far the most tasty with best texture and delightful crunch!

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