Hi I'm Irma, founder of Mamamuti

As a past homeopath and health coach, as well as a person in addiction recovery, I am very aware that what we eat matters and that food influences our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Unprocessed, pure cacao has been in my life since the 90’s and it helps to keep me happy. To me, eating and drinking honestly sourced pure cacao is a cornerstone to good health, a clear conscience, but so is enjoying making and sharing it. I feel so much goodness surge through my being when I share cacao with those close to me. If cacao-obsession were a love language I’d be its poster child!


What does Mamamuti stand for?

Mamamuti means Mother Medicine. ’Mama’ honours my late Mum who passed away when I was 30. She dedicated her life as a homeopath, iridologist, teacher and writer to serve ethical natural medicine. She instilled in me an unwavering faith in the healing wisdom of plants. And ‘Muti’ means medicine in Zulu. I grew up surrounded by the Zulu women of KwaZulu Natal and they helped to raise me. Mamamuti is a tangible vessel that connects me to my heritage and all I hold dear. I wish to believe you can feel this love in the cacao I share with you.

(Photo) Rosemary, my Zulu Mama, South Africa, 2018.

A bit about me

When I am not making homemade chocolate in my little concher, creating recipes, binge watching anything about food on Netflix or running a cacao class, you can find me at a farmer’s market, in my veggie garden, or the local Artisan Bakery where I bake sourdough bread on a Sunday. Currently I call Raglan, a small beach side community on the West Coast of New Zealand, home. I live with my love Sean and old little dog Jack. I was born and raised on the East Coast of South Africa in a rural area called The Valley Of A Thousand Hills. My first language is Afrikaans and I speak a teeny bit of Zulu.


A better future for cacao

Being in the wellness industry all my life and coming across a huge selection of cacao products I became aware that not all cacao is made or grown equal. Love and respect for cacao is key, but is easily lost in a profit and power focused economy. It saddens me that farmer exploitation, deforestation, and child slavery is rife within the cacao industry. Mamamuti is helping to change this in working with The Cacao Ambassador. Together we trade transparently with small cacao farmers, support agroforestry growing practises and educate cacao/chocolate lovers on the true origin, value, benefits and multiple uses of this ancient fruit. In this way we can become modern day cacao guardians, responsible consumers and collectively create an abundant and thriving future for cacao and its' growers.

My daily go-to

Yin Blend - Pure Cacao Paste with Vanilla