About Mamamuti

Welcome to Mamamuti, we offer delicious, high quality and honest cacao. We want to create more kindness, pleasure and love on earth, one bite and brew at a time, because your heart knows what’s good for you, right?


Hi, I’m Irma, founder of Mamamuti. When I’m with cacao my hands, heart and mind become one and time/space dissipates. Cacao is legit a delicious cure for all of my bad days. It ignites so much joy within me and I’m so grateful to share my love of cacao and many-chocolate filled recipes with you here.

I provide a range of high quality cacao products, simple & delicious recipes you’ll love and in-person cacao play dates/ classes. I hope to offer a little something for every chocolate lover!

As a past homeopath and health coach, as well as a person in addiction recovery, I am very aware that what we eat matters and that food influences our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Unprocessed, pure cacao has been in my life since the 90’s and it helps to keep me happy. To me, eating and drinking ethically sourced pure cacao is a cornerstone to good health, a clear conscience, but so is enjoying making & sharing it. I honestly feel such a rush of goodness surge through my being when I get to share cacao with my close people. If cacao-obsession were a love language I’d be its poster child.

But seriously, being in the wellness industry all my life and coming across a huge selection of cacao products I became aware that not all cacao is made equal. Love & respect for cacao is key, but is easily lost in a profit & power focused economy. It saddens me that farmer exploitation, deforestation and child slavery is rife within the cacao industry. Mamamuti is helping to change this by trading transparently with small cacao farming co-ops, supporting agroforestry growing practises and educating cacao/chocolate lovers on the true origin, value, benefits and multiple uses of this ancient fruit. In this way we can become modern day cacao guardians, conscious consumers and collectively create an abundant future for cacao.

I share a lot of my love on Instagram, where you can find me sharing recipes, plus videos, reels, stories and more. Come over and say hi - I especially adore seeing photos of the cacao you have made.

When I am not creating recipes, fan-girling on chefs, binge watching Master-Chef, running a cacao class or dorking out on how-to-temper chocolate on Youtube, you can find me at a farmer’s market, in my veggie garden, taking and sharing photos of my dog or going for a walk by the ocean. I live about 2 hours from Auckland, New Zealand, in a small beach side town which I have called home since 2007, but I was born on the East Coast of South Africa and my first language is Afrikaans and I speak a bit of Zulu! By the way, Mamamuti means Mother or Earth Medicine. Mama represents Mother Nature & my own Mamma who passed away when I was 30. She taught me so much about plant medicine & instilled in me an unwavering faith in the healing forces of nature. And Muti is the Zulu word for medicine. The word Mamamuti came to me in a dream - true story!

Thats enough about me - go enjoy Mamamuti’s cacao! I look forward to hearing your reviews and feedback. Not sure where to start? Try the Yin Cacao Blend!