Yin Blend - Cacao Paste with Vanilla


Deliciously creamy, smooth & comforting. Mamamuti’s best seller! What makes it exceptionally irresistible? So much love, attention, time and care has been poured into this cacao. You will taste this in the richness of it’s flavour!


This bespoke blend is made slowly and lovingly, in small batches to bring out the delicate flavours of the cacao and vanilla. It is not tempered to standardise the appearance like in modern industrial chocolate. The characteristics of authentic cacao paste is crumbly and marbled. However, once melted the cacao returns to being soft and velvety. The overall tasting notes are consistent, but every batch has unique nuances, reflecting the season and the wisdom of nature. Our packaging is fully compostable to minimise waste.


The beans are picked and fermented for 7 days. Then sun dried and gently roasted over a low heat, cracked and winnowed. This is all done in micro batches and by hand. Then the nibs are stone ground for over 24 hours and allowed to set as a paste, untempered. With the help of The Cacao Ambassador the paste is then transformed into something so smooth and velvety, that it will make you go ‘mmmm’ and ‘ahhhh’.

Here’s why… We add extra cacao butter and whole vanilla pods to the paste to create the Yin Blend. The added cacao butter makes it oh so creamy and increases the anti oxidant, fatty acid and mineral content. The pure vanilla turns on the comfort level! Vanilla has calming and neuroprotective effects, reduces startle reflexes and curbs sugar cravings. Making this blend is a slow and mindful process and can’t be rushed. The result is a deliciously comforting, nourishing and gentle full body and heart experience. All things beautifully feminine and nurturing. And did we mention extra extra extra creamy??


Cacao Paste, Cacao Butter, Vanilla Pods, Passion & Presence.

Nutritional Information


Take approx 20g, combine with 3/4 cup liquid (water or nut milk). Add pinch of salt, as much sweetener as you desire and oodles of love. Bring to a gentle simmer on stove. Stir continuously until rich and creamy. Pour into your favourite mug. Take a deep breath, smile, relax and indulge yourself with a moment of pleasure.


Cacao Origin - Solomon Islands
Vanilla Origin - Manus Island, PNG
All Ingredients Sourced By - The Cacao Ambassador NZ


Mamamuti, with the help of The Cacao Ambassador, sources this cacao from small cacao farming communities in the Solomon Islands. Your support has a huge impact on these growers, their families and communities. We trade directly, eliminating the need for brokers, which means the farmers have a voice and receive so much more for their labour, skills and service. With your support we can ensure a more equal exchange in monetary abundance.

Yin Cacao is genuinely pure and transparent in essence and embodies Mamamuti’s core values as an ethical driven business. It will invite you to slow down and make love to your existence…every day, in the most decadent and full filling way. Whether you wish to brew a warm ceremonial elixir, nibble on the paste straight from the packet, add it to your coffee, or create extraordinary cakes, desserts or homemade chocolate, there are so many ways to enjoy, share and celebrate this blend daily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Keturah Mcgoram
Yin Blend is Beautiful

Absolutely loved this Cacao, it’s a beautiful colour and texture of pure cacao and it is simply delicious. Postage was prompt and I have enjoyed every drop so far!

Wilene De Wet
Sip in to presence

Most beautiful, heart opening drink.
So grateful this has come in to my life.
Making it for myself or loved ones - every time the biggest cozy feeling.
Essence of ceremony, ritual and presence.

Thank you Mamamuti.

Norina Merkabah Saur
My favourite cacao!

Smooth, rich, uplifting and simply heavenly - this is my absolute all time favourite!

michelle allen

Delicious ♥️

Zasha Skye Baudry
Empowered and beautiful

For a long time I found myself drinking a whole plunger (if not more) of coffee every morning. I wanted a solution for this caffeine addiction and a healthier substitute. I’ve found replacing my morning coffee with a delicious cup of cacao has had a longer lasting boost of energy, that keeps me awake and enlightened through-out my whole day. I strongly recommend incorporating this beautiful cacao into your daily ritual.

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