Mamamuti Happy Hormones Cacao Smoothie

This one is for all my peri menopausal sisters who are struggling…with EVERYTHING from sleepless nights, to fatigue, anxiety, foggy brain, lack of motivation, mood swings, night sweats, heart palpitations, pain/inflammation, bloating, gut issues, sugar/carb cravings, depression, loss of sexual desire and weight gain. You are not alone. We're in 'the meantime' and our bodies are shifting and changing. Some teachings call this transition from Mother to Crone the second Spring - I like that thought. Others view the peri menopause as a rebirth. I like that too! It can start as early as 35, but most of us begin our journey to Cronehood around our mid 40's and can last 5-15 years.

I'm choosing to be kinder to my body as she softens and changes. Some days are easier than others. Movement/fitness, enough time alone, proper rest (which is challenging because I struggle to sleep a solid 6-8 hours a night!) and support from my sisters is key to my self care needs right now.

This smoothie is helping me SO much on a nutritional level. It gets me through my morning and most afternoons without any weird cravings or major energy crashes. It's perfect for a keto based diet, or if you're trying out intermittent fasting and have a desire to manage your insulin levels more effectively. Stable blood sugar levels = happier hormones. I personally made the decision to remove grains from my diet about a year ago and its been a game changer!

In this recipe cacao comes to the rescue thanks to its abundant nutrients, incl. magnesium, iron, calcium and antioxidants. Cacao is also a rich source of fibre, so this smoothie truly fills you up. I use cacao powder for this smoothie, but you can also use paste. I prefer enjoying my paste (which is full of cacao butter still) as a hot drink during the day or in the evenings. 

This smoothie is a meal and a half - deliciously creamy (all the good/necessary fats), nourishingly supportive of my hormonal needs and super filling. I really feel like I’m a nicer person when I have it consistently!


1TBS Mamamuti Cacao Powder
1TBS Hemp protein powder
1Tsp Maca powder
1TBS Collagen powder
1TBS Nut butter of choice
1TBS Coconut yogurt
1/2 Apple
2-4 Dates or 1TBS Monkfruit sweetener 
1 1/2 Cups Nut Milk of choice
Handful of organic green leafy veg like kale or spinach or a few broccoli florets
Few ice blocks

Add everything together and blend till thick and smooth.

With love always 

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What can I say other than ..I have fallen in love with your gorgeous Cacao blends. There is nothing that compares to a warm cup of Cacao or Cacao Paste and have been having one most mornings with nut milk to start of my day. Pure bliss. so thank you for sharing this amazing lot of goodness.

Gaylene Kay July 01, 2023

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