Mamamuti Signature Cacao Brew 

I believe cacao is an everyday nourishing delight and I wish to propose something liberating and empowering before we get into this recipe. 

There can be a lot of complicated information around cacao. I've experienced moments of overwhelm and confusion because of this. I've doubted myself and this has prevented me from freely exploring the many ways cacao can show up for me due to my inner hesitation.

This is what is true for me - cacao is inclusive, universal, healing and boundless. It tunes my cells into the frequency of love. As a result, I become more coherent as a soul expressing itself as life through a biological body. And in this body, living this human life, cacao activates within me such a profound presence of joy, support, laughter, playfulness, connection, innocence, togetherness, pleasure, abundance - all things light and beautiful! And with cacao by my side I can navigate my dark moments with more courage. 

Ultimately cacao blesses my being with goodness and it will meet me where I'm at without any judgment or conditions.

Welcome cacao into your life with happy, open arms and allow the purity of its love to elevate you DAILY - not just on special occasions or during rituals and ceremonies.

I invite you to let go of any self imposed rules you may tell yourself about cacao. Instead, reconnect with your intuitive knowing and shake yourself free of the dogma and seriousness that can be attached to this deliciously pleasing food.

Your relationship with cacao is yours darling…own it, don't overthink or doubt your connection with it. Do YOU without comparing yourself. RESPECT and ENJOY cacao and SHINE brighter because of it. Consider your source wisely and ALWAYS be thankful for the farmers. It's that simple. 

This is my favourite way to make a cup. It’s unrestrained and very easy. I love to use oat milk because it’s naturally sweet and creamy, but you can also use coconut, rice, soy or almond milk. If you prefer a lighter brew you could use water or coconut water instead. For larger groups simply calculate your numbers and adjust quantities.

Little Tip // To make it easier to measure your serves of cacao, place your chunks of paste in a food processor and pulse for a few moments until it turns into a rough cacao crumble. Transfer to a mason jar and voila! You're good to go. 


Ingredients (serves 1)

20 - 30 g Mamamuti Yin Blend Cacao Paste  or 4 Mamamuti Solomon Island Cacao Paste Buttons

200 - 250ml nut milk/water 

Tiny pinch of salt or a squeeze of lemon juice  (makes the chocolate flavour sing and reduces the bitterness)

Your choice of sweetener such as coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup.


  1. Gently warm your preferred liquid in a saucepan.
  2. Add the cacao paste and pinch of salt or squeeze of lemon juice. Slow down and enjoy this moment. Tune into your senses and take a few deep breaths. Smile. Thank the farmers who lovingly grow your cacao. Send love into the world. Give yourself a virtual hug. Using a whisk, stir and watch your cacao change as it melts. Be patient. You don’t want to rush this moment. Keep stirring until your brew emulsifies and turns into a velvety, smooth and creamy drink. Sweeten to your liking using your favourite sweetener and enjoy!
  3. There are so many options you could add to your brew to individualise your ever changing needs and desires. Cacao is a wonderful carrier for flavours and medicinal remedies. Have fun with your creations and play by adding:
  • Spices like vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, chilli, pepper, turmeric, ginger, caraway or fennel seeds.
  • Medicinals like mushrooms, activated maca or ashwagandha. 
  • Collagen or bone broth. 
  • Citrus peel - the zest of organic lemon, lime or orange is delicious with cacao! 

Yum! You can’t mess this up! Trust your gut and let your creative juices run wild with cacao. 

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