Solomon Islands Cacao Tea - Loose Husks 100g


Enjoy the nourishment of Mamamuti Cacao Tea which is made with the loose husks of the cacao bean. Notes of earthiness, honey, spice and dark chocolate. Makes you feel refreshed & grounded. All bags are fully home compostable. 


Each batch is respectfully hand crafted by a small group of farmers in the Solomon Islands. Free from caffeine, it is surprisingly full-flavoured, tastes and smells like chocolate and really good for you! Our packaging is fully compostable to minimise waste.


100% Cacao Husks

Nutritional Information


Place 1-2 teaspoons into 250ml of boiling water. Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes and strain. Add milk, spices or a bit of sweetness if desired. Makes a delicious iced tea in summer. Great for cravings while intermittently fasting. Click here for recipe. You can put your used husks in your home compost, worm farm or scatter in your vegetable garden. 


Cacao origin - Solomon Islands
Hand crafted by - Cathliro
All ingredients sourced by - The Cacao Ambassador NZ


Mamamuti, with the help of The Cacao Ambassador, sources this cacao from small cacao farming communities in the Solomon Islands. Your support has a huge impact on these growers, their families and communities. We trade directly, eliminating the need for brokers, which means the farmers have a voice and receive so much more for their labour, skills and service. With your support we can ensure a more equal exchange in monetary abundance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly Waaka
Mamamuti tea is the best!!

Such a lovely soothing tea to have before bed. I'm a big fan of Mamamuti vanilla paste and hadn't tried the tea before but once I did I have to say I am now addicted!!

Russ Adams
Love it

Absolutely love this stuff!

Fabulous cacao tea

Light, chocolatey and refreshing. Happy.

Amy Hopper
A daily ritual

I purchased this tea as part of my fasting journey and I wasn't disappointed! I have between 1 - 3 cups a day and it brings me such joy! The smell and subtle chocolatey taste is enough to stave off the craving monster in the mornings before my fast is over and perfect to round the evening off when my fasting window opens.
If you have been thinking of giving this tea a chance I highly recommend you do!
One teaspoon in a loose leaf strainer with hot water and BOOM perfection!

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